Which celebrities wear canada goose?

Which celebrities wear Canada Goose? [2024 Guide]

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Canada Goose is well known for creating high-end jackets and parkas. The company was founded in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, and has since become one of the most popular brands for cold-weather apparel. It’s especially popular with some of the World’s biggest celebrities.

Canada Goose is a popular brand known for its high-end outerwear and jackets. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Canada Goose jackets, including the likes of: Emma Stone, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy, Elisabeth Olsen, Tom Brady, Emma Watson, Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper, Kate Upton, Daniel Craig, Meghan Markle and David Beckham.

In this article we take a closer look at some of those styles and shop Canada Goose here >>

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Canada Goose
Daniel Craig wearing a Canada Goose down jacket whilst filming James Bond

James Bond himself wearing Canada Goose is surely an excellent seal of approval. Whilst filming his final instalment of Bond, Craig could be seen wearing the Crofton Puffer in Ozone Blue. Take a closer look at the jacket here >>

Emma Stone

Emma Stone wearing a Canada Goose parka in New York.

Emma Stone is regularly seen wearing Canada Goose and one of her firm favorites is the Shelburne Parka Heritage which she’s been spotted in often. Take a closer look at the jacket here >>

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Canada Goose
Ryan Reynolds spotted wearing Canada Goose at a recent Wrexham AFC game

Wrexham AFC owner and Deadpool actor is often seen wearing Canada Goose on his travels. He’s spotted in both lightweight and full parka options depending on the environment he’s in. In this particular instance he can be seen wearing the Lockport Jacket. Take a closer look at it here >>

Kate Upton

Kate Upton Canada Goose
Kate Upton wearing Canada Goose on a recent trip to the Artic.

In 2018 Kate Upton became an Ambassador for Polar Bears International and is well known as a ‘Goose Person’ and one of the biggest brand ambassadors Canada Goose has. She can be seen wearing pretty much every variety of Canada Goose apparel. On a recent trip to the Artic she was seen wearing a number of different styles from the PBI collection. Take a closer look at it here >>

David Beckham

David Beckham wearing Canada Goose in New York

Soccer legend David Beckham has been spotted wearing Canada Goose for a long time and one of his go-to styles is a Canada Goose bomber jacket. One in particular is the Chilliwack Bomber Heritage jacket which is currently available six colors. Take a closer look here >>

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Canada Goose
Tom Brady wearing a stunning camo Canada Goose parka

From one sporting legend to another – Tom Brady is a huge fan of Canada Goose and the Football superstar loves a camo option. This particular jacket is the Lockeport print which you can take a closer look at here >>


Rhianna Canada Goose
Rhianna wearing Canada Goose prior to the 2023 Super Bowl

Rhianna always looks great in Canada Goose and is often seen in a full length parka. This particular style is the Mystique Parka Heritage which you can take a closer look at here >>

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy wearing Canada Goose on a recent red carpet appearance

Venom star, Tom Hardy is often spotted wearing Canada Goose, even on the red carpet in a casual look! He’s a big fan of a Canada Goose vest and usually matches this with a low-key baseball cap and hoodie. This particular style is the Freestyle Crew Vest which you can take a closer look at here >>

Elizabeth Olsen

Elisabeth Olsen Canada Goose


Drake Canada Goose

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