Jimmy Choo 2022 Women's Sneakers

The new 2023 Jimmy Choo Women’s Sneakers

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The latest 2023 Jimmy Choo Women’s sneakers are without doubt some of the most attractive sneaker designs currently available. Bold, on trend and instantly recognizable Jimmy Choo designs, the latest sneakers have been a global hit, and fans of the brand have be incredibly excited about the 2023 lineup. Take a look at the full range of 2023 Jimmy Choo Women’s sneakers here >>

Jimmy Choo Women's 2023 Cosmos Sneakers

Jimmy Choo COMOS sneakers 2022
The Jimmy Choo Women’s COSMOS sneakers are incredibly bold and are and instant standout shoe choice. Made from marl grey, black and white neoprene as well as leather the sneakers look sensational. A padded collar and tongue create an incredibly comfortable fit making these a great all-round choice. Find out more about the Jimmy Choo Women’s 2023 COSMOS sneakers here >>

Jimmy Choo Women's 2023 MEMPHIS Sneakers

The Jimmy Choo MEMPHIS sneakers are another daring design and include a combination of neoprene and smooth leather. The slip on style creates a really easy shoe to put only but also creates an incredibly good fit. Jimmy Choo’s logo also features on the heel which complements the design perfectly. There is also a lace up variation and it too is a thing of beauty! Find out more about the MEMPHIS sneakers here >>

Jimmy Choo Women's 2023 ROME Sneakers

Jimmy Choo ROME Sneakers

The Jimmy Choo ROME sneakers are a true classic design. Made from calf leather the ROME provides a relaxed style of sneaker. Currently available in both black and white, both colors include a champagne metallic nappa back counter with the Jimmy Choo logo visible. Take a look at the ROME sneakers here >>

Jimmy Choo Women's 2023 Hawaii Sneakers

Jimmy Choo HAWAII Sneakers

The Jimmy Choo HAWAII sneakers are an immediate eyecatcher and have stunning details including star eyelets, embossed Jimmy Choo logos and glitter strips. Made from suede the shoes are currently available in black, white, silver and white/silver. Find out more about the Jimmy Choo HAWAII sneakers here >>

Jimmy Choo Women's 2023 Osaka Sneakers

Jimmy Choo OSAKA Sneakers

The Jimmy Choo OSAKA sneakers are made from malachite suede and calf leather. An eye catching crystal buckle creates a standout feature which will lift any outfit option. Currently available in white, black, green and white/red. Find out more about the OSAKA sneakers here >>

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