Marc Jacobs 2022 Backpacks

New 2022 Marc Jacobs Backpacks – take a closer look at the latest styles

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Marc Jacobs are renowned for its stunning and on trend designs. In this article we take a closer look at the latest designs of backpacks that are available from this iconic brand including the Zipper backpack and the Teddy backpack. Take a look at the latest Marc Jacobs backpacks here >>

Marc Jacobs 2022 Zipper Backpack

The Marc Jacobs zipper backpack is currently available in both blue mirage and black.  It’s the Marc Jacobs signature backpack and features multiple compartments that cater perfectly for all of your key items. Made from nylon and with extra tough zippers the bag is design to take robust treatment in day to day use. Take a closer look at the Marc Jacobs zipper backpack here >>

Marc Jacobs Zipper Backpack 2022

Marc Jacobs 2022 Teddy Backpack

The Marc Jacobs Teddy backpack is a standout design that is the epitome of Marc Jacobs design. With bold ‘The Backpack’ branding, its instantly recognizable as a Marc Jacob’s bag. The bag includes a teddy texture cover with adjustable straps and double zip around closures. Take a closer look at the Marc Jacobs Teddy backpack here >>

Marc Jacobs Teddy Backpack 2022

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